Boosie is still recovering after being shot in the leg during a visit to Dallas for Mo3’s funeral. Since the shooting, Boosie has provided updates on his status and previously revealed that his leg required three surgeries.

The rapper’s latest update shows Boosie sharing images and video footage of his wounds while providing fans with new music. The Baton Rouge native directed viewers to his OnlyFans to view his wounds and hear his latest track where he addresses the shooting incident.

“Shot on my birthday,” Boosie says before rapping, “Lost for words get you lost for a week / 20 slash 2020, this ain’t tattoo-friendly / Nothing can make me smile today, not even a bag of Fendi / Shots hit me this ain’t even my city.”

The video clip shows Boosie recovering at the hospital and at home while being comforted by his family. His surgery wounds show where doctors made their incision to remove bullet fragments and place screws in his foot so he can heal his foot in the correct manner. Posted by JR

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