A young man has been seriously injured while hanging on a suspension bridge.

Ramesh Thapa, 24, of Bijauri in Tulsipur Sub-Metropolis-19 of Dang has been seriously injured after falling from a suspension bridge on Babai River near Purandhara Jharna.

According to Area Police Office, Tulsipur, DSP Shib Bahadur Singh, Thapa has been referred to Rapti Provincial Hospital, Tulsipur for further treatment.

The injured Thapa was referred to Kohalpur around 6:15 pm on Saturday, the hospital administration informed Sethopati.

Saying that they would have fun on Saturday, 25/26 friends went for a picnic at Purandhara waterfall. At the same time, Thapa was hanging on a support wire on a suspension bridge over the Babai River, asking him to make a ticket. At the same time, after melting his hand, he fell straight into the buggy.

According to Chief Inspector of Police Mohan Bikram KC of the Area Police Office, Khilatpur, the incident took place at around 2.30 pm on Saturday.

“Thapa, who went to the suspension bridge with his friend after having a picnic, was hanging on the support wire to make a ticket,” KC told Sethopati.

Thapa was rushed to Bagar from a bridge about 20 meters above. Police Inspector KC informed that his friend had given information that he had injuries on his head, face and other parts of his body.

In the video obtained by Setopati, Thapa is seen hanging under the bridge for some time. After a while, it seems to have fallen straight into the buggy from there.

While Thapa is hanging under the bridge, 6/7 of his friends are standing on the bridge.

Police Inspector KC said that they reached the spot as soon as they got the news but his friends rescued him and took him to the hospital. Posted by JR

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