Floyd Mayweather’s one of the biggest pay-per-view draws and is estimated to have earned a billion dollars throughout his boxing career. He’s currently worth a cool $560 million, and in 2017 he used some of that money to score a deal on a $25 million mansion in Beverly Hills, and even bought all the luxurious furniture inside the home. The huge estate features a 20-person movie theater, a huge backyard with a pool and pool house, and his very own candy shop. There’s also an entire room dedicated to his championship titles, and a spot left open in case he defeats Logan Paul.

Mayweather scored his new home for about $3.5 million less than asking price in an all-cash deal. It’s the perfect place for him to store some of his $15 million car collection, plus it has a 225-bottle wine rack and a professional kitchen for his personal chef. It’s his most expensive home yet, but it’s not his only luxury property. He has mansions and penthouses in Miami and Las Vegas, with plans to finally become a billionaire using his eye for exclusive real estate. He even has an Instagram account dedicated to one lavish home, nicknamed the Big Boy Mansion. This is the same guy who bought an $18 million watch and has a $60 million private jet called Air Mayweather, after all. Check out this video for a tour of Mayweather’s Beverly Hills crib, as well as a look at his impressive real estate portfolio. Posted By Ghost

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