Fast Forward to 2:40 second mark for the start of the incident
“An innocent man was gunned down by the Police in Modesto, California on December 29th 2020.
The victim was struggling from mental health concerns and had made several remarks to his family expressing his emotions via phone call indicating he was on his way home with a gun. As a result the victims sister notified the Modesto Police Department in hope of providing her brother help and support. The victim was historically known for having vocal spurts of anger as noted in the police call, but never demonstrated violence against his family or the police department.

Upon arrival to the scene the Modesto Police Department immediately identified the victim and fired their weapons from a far distance without identifying if the victim was indeed armed. The police officer initially fired 3 shots subduing the victim and then fired an additional 3 as he inched closer with no apparent risk or reason.

The victim was shot numerous times and laid on the floor bleeding out. The involved Police officer made no attempts to notify and ambulance and instead waited for back up to arrive before providing life support to the victim. The victim was taken to the hospital where he ultimately succumbed to the Police departments barrage of gun fire.

The above video showcases the Modesto Police Departments mentality of fire first ask questions later. ” – TZA
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